Any Given Book


Any Given Book

White Noise Gallery

Roma | 16.06.2016

The idea behind the project is to propose an experiment on the nature itself of the work of art by imposing to the artists to create their works around ordinary life objects, far from their usual researches and from the traditional fine-art definition.
47 artists among painters, sculptors, photographers, street-artist and performers, coming from ten different countries have been asked, for the second edition of the project, to work on the book, one of the most evocative and symbolic objects from every day life.

The artists accepted the challenge and the inspiration has been coming from literature masterpieces as much as POP icons; from big classics to comic books, from tabloids to musical scores right to the sacred texts.
Each artwork has been created using the book both as a conceptual and physical inspiration, by working around its content and by altering its material construction until a total transformation was achieved.
The show will feature paintings, pictures and sculptures as well as dioramas, microscopes, labyrinths, kaleidoscopes, augmented reality, constellations and radiographies.

Several artist books will be featured as well: many of the artists worked in order to create new books from scratch, trying to give their contribution to a genre that has been widely developed from medieval miniature books until its most contemporary declinations.
Suspended in an ideal balance between literary and figurative works, they are hybrids that enable the viewers to fully explore their creator’s poetic.

Forty-seven artworks built around 47 different plots, it will be viewer’s duty to discover them all.


Daniele Aimasso – Francesco Amorosino – Emanuele Barbagallo – Robert Bowen – Simone Bubbico – Alessandro Calizza – Cristiano Carotti – Stefano Cerioli – Jennifer Collier – Annabella Cuomo – Matthew Cusick – Sebastiano Dammone Sessa – Joahn Deckman – Luca Di Luzio – Diamond – EMMEU – Flavia Fanara – Roberto Fanari – Julia Ganotis – Stefano Gentile – Federico Grandicelli – Valentina Griner – Josè Guerrero – Mar Hernandez – Jesus Herrera – Meg Hitchcook – Iñaki Gracenea – Jerico – Micaela Lattanzio – Beniamino Leone – Lee Madgwich – Marco Minotti – Juan Eugenio Ochoa – Omino 71 ft. James Dylan Ray – Pax Paloscia – Gianluca Panareo – Vincenzo Russo – Saner – Solo – Sabina Suru – Stefano Tedeschi – Josep Tornero -Marco Vitale – Juan Zamora -Pietro Zucca[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]